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The Opening of the Cerebral Gate
Transllusion (Drexciya)
The Opening of the Cerebral Gate
Tresor Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 2014
12 Tracks
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A true classic, this first album from Transllusion has been given a welcome reissue by Tresor. A pseudonym for the late James Stinson, the only definitively identified member of Drexciya, The Opening of the Cerebral Gate is a heady, snarling collection of irrepressible electro cuts. Built on a blueprint of space-age futuristic funk, these tracks really do look towards the cerebral gate of the album's title. Detroit techno might have reached its pinnacle with this one, and we'll sadly never know what else Stinson could have achieved. All we can do is bask in the glory of this sublime release.

  1. 1 Transmission of Life 4:30 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy
  2. 2 Negative Flash 4:28 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy
  3. 3 Walking with Clouds 3:32 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy
  4. 4 Cerebral Cortex Malfunction 5:29 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy
  5. 5 Cluben in Guyana 5:06 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy
  6. 6 Look Within 4:30 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy
  7. 7 Unordinary Realities 4:51 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy
  8. 8 Dimensional Glide 6:59 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy
  9. 9 War of the Clones 5:51 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy
  10. 10 Crossing into the Mental Astroplane 4:48 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy
  11. 11 Do You Want to Get Down 5:44 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy
  12. 12 Do You Want to Get Down (Vocal De Void) 5:45 Transllusion (Drexciya) Buy

Transllusion (Drexciya)

Tresor Records

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