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 Suburban Scum
Guilt Attendant
Suburban Scum
Hospital Productions
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February 2020
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Run for the hills, there’s a new Hospital Production in town. Guilt Attendant has been building to an LP across a run of recent EPs for Severed Mercies, and the power-techno volleys that are unleashed on Suburban Scum make good on the promise previously shown by the artist. Modelled on the likes of Regis, Surgeon and Silent Servant, the eight tracks of this LP combine EBM and precise techno programming with the unsettled urgency of industrial music.

  1. 1 Broken Free Guilt Attendant 6:33
  2. 2 Suburban Scum Guilt Attendant 5:06
  3. 3 Hesitated Affirmation Guilt Attendant 6:03
  4. 4 The Icon Is God Guilt Attendant 10:00
  5. 5 Imminent Unraveling Guilt Attendant 6:56
  6. 6 Cursed Spawn Of White Flight Guilt Attendant 5:43
  7. 7 Self Sacrifice Doctrine Guilt Attendant 16:28
  8. 8 Severe Mercy Guilt Attendant 4:15

Hospital Productions

Experimental and Noise

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