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Ethnic Minority Music of Northeast Cambodia
Ethnic Minority Music of Northeast Cambodia
Sublime Frequencies
Catalogue Number
SF 027DI
Release Date
April 2015
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This compilation documents the ceremonial animist music from the mysterious tribal villages of Northeast Cambodia. This is a mesmerizing and transporting voyage through sounds venecular to the region.

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  1. 1 Brao Legends 6:59 Ien (brao Man) Buy
  2. 2 3-Day Ceremony 5:40 Kavet Men Buy
  3. 3 Midwife Song 4:00 Brao Woman Buy
  4. 4 Jarai Ayin/Ayon Love Song 7:14 Jarai Singer Buy
  5. 5 Jeng Rieng 2:40 Pon Dao (krung) Buy
  6. 6 Bra Ta Neul 3:12 Krung Flute Buy
  7. 7 Call & Response 6:49 Krung Gongs Buy
  8. 8 American Bombs & The Khmer Rouge 2:27 Krung Singer Buy
  9. 9 Mum Improvisation 2:14 Pon Dao (krung) Buy
  10. 10 Phnong Gongs 9:05 Phnong Gongs Buy
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