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Planar Array
Trenton Chase
Planar Array
Artificial Dance
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Release Date
January 2020
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Shapes in the smoke and beckoning hands. That’s the eerie image imprinted on the brain throughout label owner and Manie Sans Délire man Trenton Chase’s second LP, following up his 2017 debut. Planar Array is as inviting an electronic records as it as a foreboding one; prickly with sharp digital noise at one moment, heavy with deep EBM basslines and synths the next.

  1. 1 Transit Decay Trenton Chase 1:36
  2. 2 Wind Shear Trenton Chase 1:36
  3. 3 Narked Trenton Chase 1:36
  4. 4 Planar Array Trenton Chase 1:36
  5. 5 Anamnesis Trenton Chase 1:36
  6. 6 Rto Trenton Chase 1:36
  7. 7 Doppler Shift Trenton Chase 1:36

Artificial Dance

Minimal Wave and Post-punk

Experimental House and Techno

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