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Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller I - IV Bundle
Clone Classic Cuts
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January 24, 2020
  • Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller Vol I - IV:

    Pre-order $88.99
    • Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller I Vinyl, 2×LP

    • Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller II Vinyl, 2×LP

    • Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III Vinyl, 2×LP

    • Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller IV Vinyl, 2×LP

    Available: May 21, 2021


All four volumes of the Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller series on vinyl.

Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller I
Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller II
Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III
Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller IV

x8 discs in total

The submerged aquatic realm of Drexciya finally gets pulled forth into the current context as Clone presents the first part of their timely reissue series: an almost complete collection of the mystical production unit's early works, marking the 20th anniversary of the release of their first EP, 'Deep Sea Dweller'. Re-mastered from the original master tapes, Clone take a different approach to the re-issue, choosing not to create straight re-issues of material but to compile a well-thought out and inspired new outlook, taking tracks from the albums; 'Deep Sea Dweller', 'Bubble Metropolis', 'Unknown Aquazone', 'Aquatic Invasion', 'The Journey Home', 'The Return of Drexciya' and 'The Quest', re-presenting them in a fresh arrangement for new listeners and die-hard Drexciya fans looking for a new experience, alike. Part Two of the ‘Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller’ series is here, dotingly reconfigured and reissued by Clone. The series repositions works from one of the most influential artists to ever grace the face of techno and electro, incorporating seminal tracks such as the sub-aquatic electro odyssey ‘Bang Bang’, the caustic braindance of ‘Positron Island’, the neo-soul of ‘Journey Home’ and the raw, doom-filled bass-funk of ‘Anti Vapour Waves’. The Third instalment of classic Drexciya productions that appeared throughout the 90's on Underground Resistance features a couple of unreleased oddities, ''Flying Fish' and the magical 'Unknown Journey IV'. The fourth re-issue volume is full of the raw and physical sci-fi tinged cuts for which they are renowned. Cuts like ‘Depressurisation’ and ‘Hydro Cubes’ show blunted drum machine grooves crushing through layers of tight slap bass and dissonant synth swoops. The series of ‘Unknown Journey’ tracks are the pick though, beginning light and airy on ‘VI’ and becoming increasingly weighty until ‘X’ cuts everything but punishing industrial percussion and huge John Carpenter—esque low end synth plunges.

Mastered By Alden Tyrell

It’s probably not even worth saying, but this is essential.


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