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David Shea
The Tower Of Mirrors
Sub Rosa
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February 28, 2020

25 years ago, David Shea released a crafty piece of complex philosophical and narrative audio collage : The Tower of Mirrors. Composed and produced in New York City, during September-October 1995, it includes 24 tracks, and features guests such as David Morley on analog synthesizer programming, Dave Douglas on trumpet, Zeena Parkins on piano & prepared piano and Jim Pugliese on percussions. This is what DS had to say about it in 1995 "In 1994, I wrote a work based on the Hsi-Yu Chi novel for a large ensemble and sampler which used the 100 chapters as a map for creating an independent musical work. The Tower of Mirrors is a work that began as a collection of pieces for sampler solo and for sampler and solo instrumentalist. A series of 'mirrors' for solos and duos based on parts of the novel. Also a collection of tributes to composers in ambient dance music, exotica, easy listening film music and experimental music formed separate points of entry. In particular many of the great arrangers and composers of the period from 1955- 64 who were the pioneers of stereo recording such as Esquivel, Marty Gold, The Three Suns, André Popp... historical teachings (often completely out of order), religious lessons, and a host of allegorical, historical figures encountered much in the same way as in Dante's La Divina Comedia."

David Shea

Sub Rosa

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