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Projected Music
Projected Music
Psyche Tropes
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February 2020
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Get your head around this - Sculpture’s new LP Projected Music is a series of twenty-six micro-grooves/locked-grooves which are all calibrated to be exactly 1.33 seconds in length. These tiny nuggets are strange things: some glitch; some bleep; some bloop; some are pure concrete in the Stockhausen mould; some, like ‘jet rump codices’, are delightfully melodious. There are certain similarities with Oval’s Ringtones EPs, though the ‘tracks’ on Projected Music are even more abbreviated than on those records. One to play around with, this.

A01. projected music
A02. cortices jumped
A03. miscued project
A04. just coerced imp
A05. comedic jet spur
A06. mr jest occupied
A07. jet rump codices
A08. soccer jump diet
A09. cupric jested om
A10. uric mop dejects
A11. stoic jump creed
A12. mu dice projects
A13. croci steed jump
B01. cued projectism
B02. core jump edicts
B03. disco reject ump
B04. jeep crud sitcom
B05. cosmic duper jet
B06. scud ejector imp
B07. eco jump credits
B08. ms juiced copter
B09. micro spud eject
B10. metric spec judo
B11. rum sceptic judo
B12. jeep turd comics
B13. reject music pod

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