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Body Riddle
Body Riddle
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 2006
11 Tracks
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With overt nods to krautrock, musique concrete and post rock and sidestepping the shortfalls of much homogeneous contemporary electronica, Clark's music has a payfulness and freedom that belies the intricate planning that has gone into it - repeated listens reveal the different layers that have been built up and the microscopic shaping of the sounds within. This is a big full-on beast of an electronic album that proves his evolution from Warp roster newcomer to a standout 1st league artist. Varied, layered and richly textured music that stands the test of time.

  1. 1 Herr Bar 3:54 Clark Buy
  2. 2 Frau Wav 4:12 Clark Buy
  3. 3 Springtime Epigram 1:35 Clark Buy
  4. 4 Herzog 4:23 Clark Buy
  5. 5 Ted 2:54 Clark Buy
  6. 6 Roulette Thrift Run 3:21 Clark Buy
  7. 7 Vengeance Drools 3:43 Clark Buy
  8. 8 Dew On The Mouth 1:05 Clark Buy
  9. 9 Matthew Unburdened 5:39 Clark Buy
  10. 10 Night Knuckles 3:49 Clark Buy
  11. 11 The Autumnal Crush 7:27 Clark Buy


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