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Like No One
James T. Cotton
Like No One
Spectral Sound
Cat. No.
Release Date
February 2008
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Tadd 'Dabrye' Mullinix dons his EBM guise and pays homage to Benelux's 'new beat' revolution and the warehouse sound of 80's Chicago. The album opens with the Ron Hardy Friendly 'Come Into My Life' - staccato, Steve Hurley style vocals are scattered over a rumbling, woofer-wrecking bass sequence. One for the Virgo and Marshall Jefferson fans! Serious 303 abuse comes in the form of the aggressively modulated 'Possessed Amplifier' and 'The Boxx' tributes to the notorious Chicago club.

Ironically, 'Like No One' sounds like a lot of other people. However, it's a very authentic pastiche to musical cultures that Mullinix clearly loves and is an accomplished body of work.

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  1. 1 The Second Night Cycle (Feat. Ellis Monk) 0:33 James T. Cotton Buy …
  2. 2 Don't Even Try It (The Beat) 0:43 James T. Cotton Buy …
  3. 3 The Boxx 0:45 James T. Cotton Buy …
  4. 4 Got To Let You Know 0:41 James T. Cotton Buy …
  5. 5 Come Into My Life 0:49 Saturn V Buy …
  6. 6 Lojak Pt. 5 0:28 James T. Cotton Buy …
  7. 7 Sensational Rhythm 1:00 James T. Cotton Buy …
  8. 8 Possessed Amplifier 0:16 James T. Cotton Buy …

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