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Various Artists
locus error
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 17, 2020

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The latest in a long line of various-artists compilations from TRIP Records, locus error is probably the most complex and intriguing set of productions that the label has released to date. Old-skool trance has become more prominent in the TRIP sound of late and the influence is more keenly felt than ever here. Analemma (aka SOPHIE and Huxtable)’s ‘Plunging Asymptote’ and Alan Backdrop’s ‘Nizaj’ are particularly ravey, transporting the listener back to the 90s with their pounding big-room beats and stabbing synth melodies. locus error’s title-track - delivered here by Carlota - does something similar while softening up the tones to give things a bit more of an IDM-techno flavour.

While much of the rest of locus error also brings the dancefloor heat, some of the entries here are more obtuse than the harmonious tracks named above. Kyoka’s ‘Link’ and PTU’s ‘Black Smokers’ both throw off their stride with quirky percussive hiccups while Ryan James Ford’s ‘Royal Legion’ rolls along on the sort of stubborn locked-groove we occasionally find on releases from labels such as The Trilogy Tapes and Novamute.

Building on the success of previous compilations like Don’t Mess With Cupid, ‘Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid and Happy New Year! We Wish You Happiness TRIP bring together a collection of producers at the top of their game with their new collection locus error.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 test Nina Kraviz 0:39 Buy
  2. 2 Royal Legion Ryan James Ford 4:46 Buy
  3. 3 Link Kyoka 4:19 Buy
  4. 4 Plunging Asymptote Analemma 4:38 Buy

    Plunging Asymptote

  5. 5 Black Smokers PTU 4:27 Buy
  6. 6 DANCE Antigone 3:01 Buy
  7. 7 locus error Carlota 4:00 Buy
  8. 8 (M1n0r) F1ss10n PTU 5:27 Buy

    (M1n0r) F1ss10n

  9. 9 Liminal Crisis Analemma 2:29 Buy

    Liminal Crisis

  10. 10 Nizaj Alan Backdrop 8:24 Buy
  11. 11 superintelligence X-Dream 5:29 Buy


  12. 12 Superintelligence (Clever Mix) X-Dream 5:55 Buy

    Superintelligence (Clever Mix)


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