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The Saturn Star
Jorge Velez
The Saturn Star
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December 2019
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Melding occult mystery and eerie new age aesthetics, producer and visual artist Jorge Velez scores an imaginary medieval caper on The Saturn Star. Physical releases are packaged alongside an 8-page riso-printed booklet, intended as a visual companion for guided listening, each image a story aid for the LP’s austere synth musings. Categorise alongside The Third Ear Band, Coil and obscure European folk esoterica.

  1. 1 A1. Open / Frost Jorge Velez 0:59
  2. 2 A2. Sunday / Furnace Jorge Velez 0:59
  3. 3 A3. Sudden Guests Jorge Velez 0:59
  4. 4 A4. The Tree Jorge Velez 0:59
  5. 5 A5. Labour Jorge Velez 0:59
  6. 6 A6. A Messenger Jorge Velez 0:59
  7. 7 B1. Two Dogs Jorge Velez 0:59
  8. 8 B2. Sunrise / A Secret Way Through The Wood Jorge Velez 0:59
  9. 9 B3. Furnace 2 / Materia Jorge Velez 0:59
  10. 10 B4. The Saturn Star Jorge Velez 0:59
  11. 11 B5. Close Jorge Velez 0:59

Jorge Velez


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