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The New World
The New World
Static Discos
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January 2009
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Written and recorded in just six months, "The New World" is Pepito's most infectious collection of songs to date, with sure-to-please tracks like the anthemic "Get Out," featuring Chris Groves of Citizens Here and Abroad, and the album's namesake, a buoyant cut-up of 80s pop. Pepito, who recently moved from San Francisco to Madrid, have dedicated this record to California, calling it "the place where America ends and tomorrow begins." From the epic "Los Angeles," which features guest vocals by David Kesler of the indie rock group Thee More Shallows alongside Wobbly, a seasoned collaborator of such experimental electronic music acts as Matmos and People Like Us, to the Bollywood-by-the-Bay shoulder-shaker "Por Que," which hitches a rocking electropop arrangement to sweet vocals by Pepito's Ana Machado. Elsewhere the track "B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S." manages to swing from the Cuban Bola de Nieve like piano stylings to Germanic Pole inflected dub in less time than it takes you to say "bolero" in binary code.

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