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Dark Day
Darkest Before Dawn
Dark Entries Records
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December 13, 2019


There must have been something in the water in late 1970s New York. Musician, performance artist and writer Robin Crutchfield, shortly after leaving the pioneering no wave outfit DNA — which he co-founded alongside Arto Lindsay — he embarked on a magnificent sonic journey of his own as Dark Day. Darkest Before Dawn, originally released on Taedium Vitae in 1989, finds Crutchfield well into his multivalent craft, opting for pipe organ ditties and a vague flavour of the medieval.

  1. 1 Meadowlands/Down To Elephantine/Letters From The Dead 2:00
  2. 2 Darker Days 1:09
  3. 3 Shod With Boots Of Ether 0:58
  4. 4 In Sickness & In Health (The Broken Vow) 1:05
  5. 5 The Haunted Child (Wales Whales Wails) 1:11
  6. 6 Lost In The Shuffle 1:24
  7. 7 Giantess (The Old Ones Come Home) 1:21
  8. 8 The Disappearance 1:13
  9. 9 Wheel Whirl-Thing (Little Snails In The Big Woods) 1:03
  10. 10 Equestrian (The Trojan Horse) 1:08
  11. 11 Pedestrian (Heads Will Roll) 1:19
  12. 12 Rise To Fall (Finding The Fountain Of Youth) 1:07
  13. 13 Heroine (Coronation Of The Queen Of The Cannibal Isles) 2:00

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