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Various Artists
Tens Across The Board
Dark Entries Records
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December 13, 2019


Ever the international, cross-temporal and multivalent label, Dark Entries Records celebrate a decade of existence with a track for every year, each from a different home nation, set in chronological order from 1981-1993. We pass by Belgium’s minimal wave obsessives Parade Ground before stopping at Granada, Spain with likeminded lo-fi-ers Diseño Corbusier; on towards the Mediterranean with Greek electronic pioneer Lena Platonos and further to down under with Sudney’s Lord Metal. It’s a cross-continental cavalcade!

  1. 1 The Light's Gone Parade Ground 1:19
  2. 2 La Esperanza Esta En Antenas Diseno Corbusier 2:00
  3. 3 A Cat Waiting For You In The Corner Lena Platonos 0:57
  4. 4 Luca Instrumental Victrola 2:00
  5. 5 Magla Borghesia 2:00
  6. 6 Ga Duum Blitzfonika Tom Ellard 2:00
  7. 7 Corto Maltese X Ray Pop 2:00
  8. 8 Lubeckerstrasse Second Decay 2:00
  9. 9 Contentment From Nursery To Misery 1:10
  10. 10 Digital Grit Box Cyrnai 2:00

Dark Entries Records

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