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  • Vinyl, 1×LP

    • Screen- printed die-cut sleeve
    • 24 page 12” book containing essay by Jez Winship original artwork and research notes by contributing artists
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In the press release for the new Folklore Tapes release Ethereal Transects: The Lore Of Celestial Objects we are promised ‘an audio voyage around the observable universe’. For each of the ten tracks here a variety of contributing artists - some working solo, some operating as groups - have been tasked with representing a planet or star from the milky way in sound.

As anyone who’s kept up with this most inventive of labels will have expected, the results we get from these briefs are delightfully varied. Some steer relatively close to what one might expect if going into the project blind, though even within this they are hugely inventive - Ian Humberstone’s ‘The Moon’ is a choral work of quixotic beauty while Embla Quickbeam’s ‘Mars’ drones and hums in a manner that instantly puts one in mind of the Red Planet.

This record bursts with creativity, so much so that notions of genre are often cast aside: with ‘Uranus’ The Bluest Funz touch on folk, doom-jazz and stoner-metal without ever falling comfortably into any of these categories; Carl Turney & Brian Campbell (Featuring Martha Turney) dig down into all sorts of psychedelic sub-strata throughout the six minutes of ‘Jupiter’; drone works of great variety pepper the tracklist. A project so full of ideas couldn’t simply be confined to audio, and as such the physical release of Ethereal Transects… comes with a 24-page booklet containing research notes and artwork by the contributing artists alongside Jez Winship’s specially-commissioned essay.

With Ethereal Transects: The Lore Of Celestial Objects, Folklore Tapes continue to prove themselves as one of the most unique and vital record labels currently operating in the UK.

  1. 1 Sample Various Artists 6:38


The Sun - Rob St John
Mercury - Magpahi
Venus - Mary & David (featuring Whitworth & Healey Vale Brass Band)
The Moon - Ian Humberstone
Mars - Embla Quickbeam
Jupiter - Carl Turney & Brian Campbell (Featuring Martha Turney)
Saturn - Arianne Churchman
Uranus - The Funz
Neptune - Dean McPhee
Pluto - Sam McLoughlin & Bridget Hayden

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