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Aleksi Perala
TRIP Records
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November 29, 2019

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Colundi - a tuning system that subverts Western musical scales in favour of a series of resonant frequencies known as “the Colundi Sequence.” Using this musical scale Finnish artist Aleksi Perälä has released numerous works of mystical braindance techno on a number of Clone's sublabels, Trip Recordings and his own AP Musik.

With 'Resonance', Perälä returns to Nina Kraviz's Trip Recordings. He explains how the record was made half in Montreal, Canada, half in Lahti, Finland and how it’s been 6 years 7 months and 19 days since he started to base all his musical output on the colundi sequence. That began with the release of the seminal Colundi Sequence Vol 1 (recently reissued at long last). 'Resonance' sounds like some of his best work to date and Perälä continues where he always leaves off, with a collection of melodic, transcendent techno, equally suited to home listening as well as the dance floor.

Colundi everyOne.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 UKMH51900039 Aleksi Perala 0:29 Buy
  2. 2 UKMH51900040 Aleksi Perala 0:30 Buy
  3. 3 UKMH51900041 Aleksi Perala 0:29 Buy
  4. 4 UKMH51900042 Aleksi Perala 0:30 Buy
  5. 5 UKMH51900043 Aleksi Perala 0:30 Buy
  6. 6 UKMH51900044 Aleksi Perala 0:29 Buy
  7. 7 UKMH51900045 Aleksi Perala 0:30 Buy
  8. 8 UKMH51900046 Aleksi Perala 0:30 Buy
  9. 9 UKMH51900047 Aleksi Perala 0:30 Buy
  10. 10 UKMH51900048 Aleksi Perala 0:29 Buy

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