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New Found World
Vernal Equinox
New Found World
Aural Medium
Catalogue Number
AM 01
Release Date
November 2019
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Originally released in 1988, the journey of Vernal Equinox’s New Found World in actuality fact begins in 1916, when a tiny dot on the map in Ontario changed its name from Berlin to Kitchener. The duo, then residing in the small town-turned-mid-sized city, look back to their home’s former namesake with a host of kosmische and New Age compositions to rival those of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.

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  1. 1 Sunrise Vernal Equinox 2:02
  2. 2 Le Metro Vernal Equinox 2:03
  3. 3 Silent Dream - 1 Imagery, 2 Realization, 3 The Real Dream Vernal Equinox 2:05
  4. 4 New Found World Vernal Equinox 2:03
  5. 5 Motion of Sound Vernal Equinox 2:01
  6. 6 Autumn Sunset Vernal Equinox 2:03


Experimental House and Techno

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