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Fuck Varg
Varg2 tm
Fuck Varg
Northern Electronics
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December 2019
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'Fuck Varg' is Varg2TM--the artist formerly known as Varg--at his most chaotic and ornate. Streamlining a plethora of techniques and motifs into his inimitable and fearless style, there's reckless charm and misanthropy turbulently sequenced to perfection. Charting a route through the cybergothic psychedelia of the opening track, to the wistful anthemic charge of 'Thirst (Dressed in Nothing But UV Paint and Biodegradable Glitter)', and finally landing on the peak dead-eyed sermon of 'Parasites (Honest Music for Dishonest People) ft. G19', the digital EP's presentation rounds off on a lean and severe remix from VTSS. It's an EP of restlessness, ruins, and ecstatic keyboard mashing because there's not an emoji that's demonic enough.

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  1. 1 I’ve Spent €3000 On a New Laptop, And This is What it Sounds Like? Varg2 tm 2:00
  2. 2 Thirst (Dressed in Nothing But UV Paint and Biodegradable Glitter) Varg2 tm 2:00
  3. 3 This Room Has Many Faces, Many Gods and Many Faces (Dressed in Nothing But Cum and Bedazzled Angel Wings) Varg2 tm 2:00
  4. 4 Parasites (Honest Music for Dishonest People) ft. G19 Varg2 tm 2:00

Northern Electronics

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