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Joy Division
Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes
Ozit Vinyl
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 1, 2009


Martin Hannett is often cited as the production genius behind the desk at Factory Records, an ex lab chemist who was into electronics and music production. He recorded Joy Division's groundbreaking albums along with loads of other stuff on Factory, plus bands like ESG etc. Here are his personal recordings of the tracks, with sound effects he captured from the studio when the band weren't playing, banter and chat, that sort of thing. The first eight tracks are captured sounds, banter effects and incidents, whilst the next nine tracks are versions of famous songs are his own strange alchemy. It was negotiated at the time that if Hannett wanted to release these then he could... So here they are!


  1. From Safety To Where
  2. Auto Suggestion
  3. Heart & Soul
  4. N4 Europop (Renamed Decades)
  5. 24 Hours
  6. Passover
  7. N4 Europop (Renamed Decades)
  8. N4 Europop (Renamed Decades)
  9. Synth Tone
  10. Hannett's Lift Recording 1
  11. Joy Division Keyboard Doodles
  12. Hannett's Lift Recording 2
  13. Organ Doodles
  14. The Eternal
  15. The Eternal
  16. Curtis Hannett Gretton Interplay Chit Chat & Cup Smashing
  17. Hannett Speaks
  1. 1 From Safety To Where 1:14
  2. 2 Auto Suggestion 2:00
  3. 3 Heart & Soul 2:00

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