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Layering Buddha
Robert Henke
Layering Buddha
Imbalance Computer Music
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October 2006
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Inspired by the FM Buddha machine which plays lo-fi pre-recorded loops Robert Henke, one half of Monolake has recorded this album using Buddha Machine loops and made an album using them as source material.

The loops are converted down giving them a different quality and layered over each other or reassembled out of parts of the originals, filtered, pitched and layered again, giving each track on this CD a strange haunting quality with rich spacious sounds coming to the forefront.

The effect is similar to the William Basinski 'Disintegration loops' but with a more involved, techno producers ear for sonics and mutation. Like aural wallpaper, peeling aural wallpaper that is.

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  1. 1 Layer 001 4:53 Robert Henke Buy
  2. 2 Layer 002 6:58 Robert Henke Buy
  3. 3 Layer 003 7:25 Robert Henke Buy
  4. 4 Layer 004 7:30 Robert Henke Buy
  5. 5 Layer 005 5:19 Robert Henke Buy
  6. 6 Layer 006 5:08 Robert Henke Buy
  7. 7 Layer 007 3:30 Robert Henke Buy
  8. 8 Layer 008 3:16 Robert Henke Buy
  9. 9 Layer 009 8:16 Robert Henke Buy
  10. 10 Layer 010 6:50 Robert Henke Buy

Robert Henke

Imbalance Computer Music

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