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All My People
Jean Bassa
All My People
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October 2019
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Jeen Bassa’s 2015 debut mini-LP ‘All My People’ gets a timely and long overdue repress from the 22a stable. ‘All My People’ takes listeners on an electronic journey through hip hop, soul, jazz, funk and pan African sounds, hugely influenced by Bassa’s Mauritian roots. One of the three outrageously talented Deenmamode brothers (Mo Kolours & Reginald Omas Mamode IV), Jeen Bassa has carved out a reputation as one of the leading beat-tape producers in the game today. His warm and woozy productions mix up slo-mo, mechanised funk with hues of neon soul and blue, jazz notes. An artist that clearly stands out in a world that’s saturated with bland Dilla and Madlib-esque pastiches.

  1. 1 Audio Visual Jean Bassa 0:57
  2. 2 Herb & Rhythm Jean Bassa 1:02
  3. 3 Poets House Jean Bassa 0:13
  4. 4 My People (7 Seats) Jean Bassa 1:05
  5. 5 Body Talking Jean Bassa 0:52
  6. 6 The Landscapes Jean Bassa 1:20
  7. 7 Do The Do Jean Bassa 0:51
  8. 8 Latin Fingers Jean Bassa 1:24
  9. 9 Cocoa Lotion Jean Bassa 2:00
  10. 10 Ode To The Funk Jean Bassa 1:23
  11. 11 Outro Jean Bassa 0:13



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