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Killing Sound
Razor X Productions
Killing Sound
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January 2009
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Be prepared for a foot to the accelerator ride on this album, as the Bug and MC's carthartic barrage of noise infects your pleasure receptors. The word has been that this is just a compilation of older 7 inches but this isn't true, only four of these ten tracks are previously released in other forms. This album isn't polite, this is a hostile barrage, which needs to be listened to at a loud volume. Each MC brings a new vicerality to the proceedings a new way to express anger and a new tone.

The tracks are a high standard, as you'd expect, not just pretend dancehall with a bit of distortion, but strongly produced tracks with assimilated the rhythms from proper dancehall, the disorientating noise of a reggae soundsystem, plus grime and dubstep's new pounding sonics too.

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  1. 1 Killer (feat He-Man) 1:00 Razor X Productions
  2. 2 WWW (feat Mexican) 1:00 Razor X Productions
  3. 3 Slew Dem (feat Wayne Lonesome) 1:00 Razor X Productions
  4. 4 Child Molester (feat Mexican) 1:00 Razor X Productions
  5. 5 Boom Boom Claat (fear Cutty Ranks) 1:00 Razor X Productions
  6. 6 Imitator (feat Daddy Freddy) 1:00 Razor X Productions
  7. 7 War Start (feat Bongo Chilli) 1:00 Razor X Productions
  8. 8 Yard Man (fear El Feco) 1:00 Razor X Productions
  9. 9 I Don't Know (feat Tony Tuff) 1:00 Razor X Productions
  10. 10 Killer Queen (feat Warrior Queen) 1:00 Razor X Productions
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