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Richard Dawson
Weird World
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October 2019
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Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s unofficial poet laureate Richard Dawson travels from the muck and mire of 6th century Britain (on 2017’s year-end best-of-list contender Peasant) to the not-so distant future. Look closer at 2020 and you’ll find the uncertainty of the isles’ ancient past shares a postcode with Dawson’s present, a time marked by poorly funded unemployment offices, societal division and the struggles just to survive into the next day.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Civil Servant 6:40 Richard Dawson Buy
  2. 2 The Queen's Head 5:17 Richard Dawson Buy
  3. 3 Two Halves 5:11 Richard Dawson Buy
  4. 4 Jogging 6:38 Richard Dawson Buy
  5. 5 Heart Emoji 4:34 Richard Dawson Buy
  6. 6 Black Triangle 7:59 Richard Dawson Buy
  7. 7 Fulfilment Centre 10:07 Richard Dawson Buy
  8. 8 Fresher's Ball 5:02 Richard Dawson Buy
  9. 9 No-One 0:50 Richard Dawson Buy
  10. 10 Dead Dog in an Alleyway 5:29 Richard Dawson Buy

Richard Dawson

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