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Risotto in 4/4
Wang Inc
Risotto in 4/4
Bip Hop
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January 2009
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WANG INC. : risotto in 4/4 [bleep 15] Bartolomeo Sailer comes from Italy, his first disc was released on Mouse On Mars' Sonig/Thrill Jockey and received some attention. Then he appeared on numerous compilations, up to this long awaited new full-length. A very rythmic collection of instant hits, mixing the pop playfulness of the 80's with contemporary programming and sci-fi sounds. See the robots dance... SELECTED REVIEWS : because this album is a winner with it's own weird logic. Donna Summer / VICE Magazine / USA comes accross like Matmos letting their hair down and has textural links and compositional flavours you'd associate with the ace Vert. Avant pop fun for the future. PELICAN NECK / BOOMKAT / UK The result is different from the work of "purists" and Kraftwerk-era musicians, in that the music has depth (layers), crispness, more colors and a carefully quantized feel. SPLENDID / USA brings all the now sounds of those nerdy Powerbook users who you love to hate. Take or leave it, these are the white boy anthems-get your damn hands up / J. David Marston / XLR8R # 63 / USA

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Bip Hop

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