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Due Progress
Botanica Del Jibaro
Catalogue Number
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January 1, 2009

Incredible new Cyne 12" on Miami's frontline hip-hop imprint and Beta Bodega offshoot label Botanica Del Jibaro, a fresh pressing with simply beautiful La Mano Fria artwork that needs to be seen to be believed. Speck, Enoch, Akin and Cise Star are Cyne and they are about to blow up for sure. Crucial hip hop with original fresh beats to make your jaw drop - truthful, angry, downright hurting and honest lyrics are the order of the day. Eschewing the abstractions of Anticon, the words are clearly delivered with a soul dipped directness that hits straight to your soul. This is an eight track wonder - different level rhymes and a dense, compacted approach to composition which sounds just fat beyond belief. Musically 'Nothing's Sacred' drops downtempo blunted beats, pitched female vocals, melody snippets and a sneaky Bjork lift. '400 Years Revisited' goes for a fuller old school loose funk beat, steel guitar, benign french horn and floating samples - gorgeous tune, lyrically a Garveyite meditation on the impact of 400 years of 'shed tears'. 'Papermate' is tenser, a semi handclap snap beat rides against high register harp and string rips, bubbling scratch drops and in the fadeout rides a bass junkie crushed 808 boombeat. Finally the 'Due Progress (Evolver Remix)' is simply a hit of the classic thread - feeling like a lost early nineties Pete Rock track with jazzy touches and a darkened hue. "Better squeeze again son, cause you missed me" an absolutely chilling line, the cuts by Induce are simply top drawer turntablism. Four instrumentals adorn the second side, only serving to underline the impeccable production values, essential equipment for all slaves to the beat. Rare to find hip hop this articulate, subversive, intelligent and correct with the politics of the personal - huge twelve, unreservedly recommended, unmissable music. [boomkat]


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