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Dark Phase EP
Pye Corner Audio
Dark Phase EP
Analogical Force
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October 2019
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Pye Corner Audio’s first release on Analogical Force, 2017’s Island Of Ghosts EP, dragged the listener down into a world of brooding acid and eerie electro. The vibe remains unchanged as Pye Corner Audio (Martin Jenkins) returns to the label with Island Of Ghosts follow-up/sequel Dark Phase.

While recent records such as Where Things Are Hollow and Hollow Earth have seen Pye Corner Audio work on a more expansive and quixotic brand of production, Dark Phase immediately locks back into Island Of Ghosts’ darkside club vibe. The combination of ominous synth bass and precision-engineered 808s on opener ‘Storm Cloud’ cross the history of IDM and electro - both 90s heavyweights like Rephlex Records and modern-day innovations currently emerging on labels like Central Processing Unit are recalled.

Dark Phase’s mid-section is its most acidic. Both ‘Solar Waves’ and ‘Darktro’ feature wiggling 303 basslines straight out of the book of Posthuman, and the punkish production on the former also nods to Beau Wanzer. The sleek, brooding closer ‘Explorer’ returns us to roughly where we started.

Pye Corner Audio came in to the Dark Phase EP with a plan, one that he executes to perfection here. Menacing, dystopian electro - nothing more, nothing less. This is a record that gets straight to the point.

  1. 1 Storm Cloud Pye Corner Audio 1:55
  2. 2 Solar Waves Pye Corner Audio 1:55
  3. 3 Darktro Pye Corner Audio 1:55
  4. 4 Explorer Pye Corner Audio 1:55

Pye Corner Audio

Pye Corner Audio

Analogical Force

Electronic and Electronica

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