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Myam James 2 (10th Anniversary)
Lapsus Records
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October 18, 2019


2018 saw Lapsus Records put together a tenth anniversary edition of Kettel’s Myam James Part 1. Now, a year on, Lapsus return to Kettel’s catalogue (Kettelogue?) to reissue the second instalment of the Myam James series.

From a grounding in IDM Kettel brings a whole range of other genres into play across Myam James Part 2. Breakbeat, hip-hop, electro, late-90s electronica and more are all touched on across the record. There is a buoyant, almost joyous quality to the textures and timbres that Kettel plumps for here - the album’s overwhelming positivity gives it a new age vibe and makes it not dissimilar to some of Aleksi Perälä’s work.

There are also a fair few cuts here which touch on contemporary classical and post-minimalist composition. These interludes, from piano-led vignettes such as ‘Hymnuh’ to the almost Laraaji-esque ‘Cherie’, provide welcome moments of respite amid the beats. Like the other tracks of Myam James Part 2 these weightless entries are universally upbeat.

For those fans who’ve loved Myam James Part 2 since it first came out the real treat of this Lapsus edition is the two bonus cuts which appear towards the end of the record. Both ‘Boltklap’ and ‘Lisenlily’ are previously unreleased and were born from the same burst of creativity which produced the album’s other tracks. ‘Lisenlily’ is a whirligig IDM jam while ‘Boltklap’ is slower and rich in melody.

Lapsus Records re-master and revamp Kettel’s 2009 LP Myam James Part 2 for the album’s tenth birthday edition.

  1. 1 Kingscourt Imp 1:15
  2. 2 Shinjuku Inn 1:14
  3. 3 Michael Space Airlines 1:19
  4. 4 Cherie 1:04
  5. 5 Pers Partys 1:10
  6. 6 Boekebaas 1:35
  7. 7 You Understand This Night 1:15
  8. 8 Nicola 1:25
  9. 9 Sentiment 1:09
  10. 10 Song From Toverpeeks 1:11
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