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Alain Goraguer’s score for the 1973 film La Planète Sauvage gets reissued on wax courtesy of the incredible Superior Viaduct. La Planète Sauvage is a seminal work of psychedelic cinema - it won the Grand Prix at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival - and Goraguer’s lush soundtrack played a big part in its success. Both Air and Madlib have felt the influence of Goraguer’s score, and while these artists may initially appear far apart on the musical spectrum the links become more apparent when you listen to this thing. Mr. Scruff, Broadcast and Gorageur’s old sparring partner Serge Gainsbourg are also recalled.

  1. 1 Deshominisation (11) Alain Goraguer 0:41
  2. 2 Deshominisation (1) Alain Goraguer 1:01
  3. 3 Generique Alain Goraguer 0:32
  4. 4 Le Bracelet Alain Goraguer 1:01
  5. 5 Ten Et Tiwa Alain Goraguer 1:03
  6. 6 Maquillage De Tiwa Alain Goraguer 0:44
  7. 7 Course De Ten Alain Goraguer 0:37
  8. 8 Ten Et Medor Alain Goraguer 1:01
  9. 9 Ten Et Tiwa Dorment Alain Goraguer 0:41
  10. 10 Ten Est Assome Alain Goraguer 0:31
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Superior Viaduct



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