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The Music Of Red Dead Redemption II
Various Artists
The Music Of Red Dead Redemption II
Lakeshore Records
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September 2019
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It’s safe to claim Red Dead Redemption II is one of the most ambitiously-realised video games of all time. Rockstar’s Western epic obsessively delights in the macro and the micro of an outlaw’s life, be it scaling peaks in search of long-forgotten treasures or simply foraging for food in order to feed the camp. Its soundtrack — overseen by veteran composer Daniel Lanois — takes equal care to accompany the wide vistas of the American west with an impeccable score, invoking Sergio Leone tension, swooping romanticism, and an underlying, end of days foreboding.

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  1. 1 D'angelo - "Unshaken" 0:30 Various Artists
  2. 2 Daniel Lanois, Daryl Johnson, Joseph Maize, Darryl Hatcher & Rhiannon Giddens - "Moonlight" 0:30 Various Artists
  3. 3 Daniel Lanois - "That's The Way It Is" 0:30 Various Artists
  4. 4 Daniel Lanois - "Mountain Finale" 0:30 Various Artists
  5. 5 Rocco DeLuca - "Crash Of Worlds" 0:30 Various Artists
  6. 6 Willie Nelson - "Cruel World" 0:30 Various Artists
  7. 7 Daniel Lanois - "Red" 0:30 Various Artists
  8. 8 Rhiannon Giddens - "Mountain Hymn" 0:30 Various Artists
  9. 9 Rhiannon Giddens - "Mountain Banjo" 0:30 Various Artists
  10. 10 Daniel Lanois - "Table Top" 0:30 Various Artists
  11. 11 Daniel Lanois - "Love Come Back" 0:30 Various Artists
  12. 12 Daniel Lanois - "Oh My Lovely" 0:30 Various Artists
  13. 13 Josh Homme - "Cruel World" 0:30 Various Artists

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