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Margaret Chardiet switches up her practice for her fourth LP as Pharmakon. Devour marks the first time Chardiet has recorded an album completely in-studio - Uniform’s Ben Greenberg was sat at the controls - and both of the record’s sides were taped as continuous takes. This off-the-cuff process brings out an even greater intensity in Pharmakon’s sound, with Chardiet’s ear-splitting power electronics bolstered by frequent, frenzied vocals. Recent releases from Soft Issues and Blanck Mass are recalled by Devour.

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  1. 1 Homeostasis 2:00 Pharmakon
  2. 2 Spit It Out 2:00 Pharmakon
  3. 3 Self-regulating System 2:00 Pharmakon
  4. 4 Deprivation 2:00 Pharmakon
  5. 5 Pristine Panic/Cheek By Jowl 2:00 Pharmakon


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