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Todd Anderson-Kunert
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August 2019
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Conjectures is a meditative set of ambient compositions from Todd Anderson-Kunert. Presenting two works split into four parts (titled ‘I See What You Mean’ and ‘It Feels Right’ respectively), these quiet pieces are built from slowly-shifting electronic drones drawn out of a Moog System 55 synthesiser. Some passages are abstract in nature, presenting little more than a hissing or a low grumbling sound; others are more tonally rich, the sands of Anderson-Kunert’s compositions shifting to reveal warm harmonies. The likes of Sarah Davachi, Eliane Radigue and Kevin Martin’s recent solo LP (also released on Room40) are invoked by the hypnotic slo-mo pieces of Conjectures.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 I See What You Mean (Part A) Todd Anderson-Kunert 4:44 Buy
  2. 2 I See What You Mean (Part B) Todd Anderson-Kunert 3:17 Buy
  3. 3 I See What You Mean (Part C) Todd Anderson-Kunert 4:40 Buy
  4. 4 I See What You Mean (Part D) Todd Anderson-Kunert 2:49 Buy
  5. 5 It Feels Right (Part A) Todd Anderson-Kunert 2:26 Buy
  6. 6 It Feels Right (Part B) Todd Anderson-Kunert 4:30 Buy
  7. 7 It Feels Right (Part C) Todd Anderson-Kunert 4:30 Buy
  8. 8 It Feels Right (Part D) Todd Anderson-Kunert 4:30 Buy


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