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Under Frustration Vol 2
Under Frustration Vol 2
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September 2019
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The pan-Arab collective Arabstazy returns with the second volume of its compilation series "Under Frustration" including an exclusive track of US rising star Dj Haram (Hyperdub).

The “Under Frustration” project takes stock of the contemporary Arab electronic scene, and highlights its astonishing diversity, by deconstructing Western clichés that are still fantasizing about a culturally homogenous Arab world.

In a context of post-revolutionary disillusion, this ambitious trilogy sets itself as a manifesto of a new, futuristic, underground wave that aims to uplift the Arab voice, once again. With this new release, Arabstazy allows the listener to walk among Shiite, Shaabi or Stambali lands - revealing new mystical sounds, reserved for trance ceremonies and ancestral rituals; all vivid in the eyes of the collective members, musicians, producers, videographers and photographers, nowadays, scattered between the United States, Tunisia, Germany, France, Sweden, Irak, Lebanon and Poland.

Vol2 includes unreleased tracks of Dj Haram, Praed, Hello Psychaleppo, Okydoki and many more.

Curated by Arabstazy, produced by Shouka, published by InFiné.

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  1. 1 Saint Abdullah - "Zeynab" 1:30 Arabstazy
  2. 2 DJ Haram - "Overeager" 1:29 Arabstazy
  3. 3 Khan El Rouh - "Mount Qaf" 1:29 Arabstazy
  4. 4 OkyDoky - "Mother's Milk" 1:30 Arabstazy
  5. 5 Hello Psychaleppo - "100=1" 1:29 Arabstazy
  6. 6 Rafael Aragon & Stas - "Ik Vari Do Vari" 1:29 Arabstazy
  7. 7 Nazal - "Pigment Liner" 1:29 Arabstazy
  8. 8 Adam Jawad - "Agnostikh" 1:30 Arabstazy
  9. 9 Praed - "Pyramids in the Sky" 1:30 Arabstazy
  10. 10 Miss Machine - "Desire" 1:29 Arabstazy
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