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Lo Tech
L. Lund
Lo Tech
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août 2019
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Since launching back in 2017 Andrew Lyster’s Youth imprint has made a name for itself by releasing unusual and innovative futuro-club tracks. This trend continues on L. Lund’s Lo Tech, an LP of hyperreal leftfield electronics. The music here is difficult to classify - the combination of abrasive sonics and mischievous spirit makes us think of EVOL, but the sounds used aren’t acidic enough for the comparison to stick. Sophie’s buoyant early beats also come to mind, though these tracks are far less linear that something like ‘Bipp’. Oleka’s precision-engineered industrialism? Lo Tech is too quixotic. Proc Fiskal’s whirligig post-grime? Lo Tech is too noisy. Whoever this reminds you of, one thing we can guarantee is that you won’t be able to turn Lo Tech off once you’ve put it on…

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  1. 1 Hold Back L. Lund 4:16
  2. 2 Kops L. Lund 4:47
  3. 3 Gassed L. Lund 4:39
  4. 4 Go Ballistic (Irate Mix) L. Lund 4:41
  5. 5 To The Side L. Lund 4:40
  6. 6 Pusher (Version) L. Lund 5:22
  7. 7 No Clip L. Lund 3:58
  8. 8 Breakneck (Make Do Mix) L. Lund 3:49
  9. 9 Dom L. Lund 3:45
  10. 10 Spawn (Napalm Bat Version) L. Lund 4:08


Experimental House and Techno

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