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Regis / Luke Lund
Our Forecast Ultrabiotic Revelation
Ohm Resistance
Catalogue Number
OHM 7105
Release Date
August 16, 2019

A collaboration between Downwards boss Regis and Luke Lund, one of the Finland's fastest rising young composers. King Pin Frankie is treasure untold - a live Regis recording from New Year's Eve 1997 in Chicago. Pounding classic minimal TR 909 with an accelerating/decelerating arppegiator make this A side a serious find. Luke's Scourge by Lund pins a straight kick underneath a shifting snare, leaving the question open - is it techno? Is it dark hop? Whatever it may be, the bass underneath tells it big and fills up a subwoofer. The 7" comes with a Limited Edition Print by nem0.

  1. 1 King Pin Frankie Regis 2:00
  2. 2 Scourge Regis / Luke Lund 2:00

Ohm Resistance

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