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Shake Up
Sno Globe
Shake Up
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August 2019
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Sno Globe sees an elemental chance encounter between drum and string, sounding a primordial cry into the void, jamming modernity out into all directions known or unknown. It’s a classic setup that drummer Finn Ryan and guitarist Julia Reidy set up, rounded off with samples and extraterrestrial autotune vocals — all the better to ground their miasmic noise to the earth, lest it float completely out of their grasp. Shake Up takes shape as a fearsome, multi-part composition, recalling an entire history of noise improvisers — Boredoms, Derek Bailey, Steve Noble, Sonic Youth, 1970s Miles Davis — singling out Ryan and Reidy to join them in the pantheon.

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  1. 1 Shake Up 5:40 Sno Globe
  2. 2 Thousand Cuts 2:53 Sno Globe
  3. 3 Eyes and Wings 4:58 Sno Globe
  4. 4 Happy Place 4:10 Sno Globe
  5. 5 Concave See-Through Sky 2:46 Sno Globe
  6. 6 The Real 2:13 Sno Globe
  7. 7 Out 5:02 Sno Globe

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