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Wonderful Rainbow
Lightning Bolt
Wonderful Rainbow
Thrill Jockey
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August 2019
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Released to riotous fanfare upon its 2003 release — earning its place among year-end lists and best-of album guides — Rhode Island noise rock duo Lightning Bolt’s third LP Wonderful Rainbow is a roaring delight of a record, and as concise an infernal sonic manifesto they’ve ever made. With all the power of a band five times their size, Drummer/vocalist Brian Chippendale and bassist Brian Gibson flit through death-defying feats of bone-crushing riffs, perfectly summating the raw, untethered energy of their mythical live performances. It’s not music; it’s pure, unadulterated hellfire, gasoline poured over a scorching earth.

  1. 1 Hello Morning Lightning Bolt 0:30
  2. 2 Assassins Lightning Bolt 0:30
  3. 3 Dracula Mountain Lightning Bolt 0:30
  4. 4 2 Towers Lightning Bolt 0:30
  5. 5 On Fire Lightning Bolt 0:30
  6. 6 Crown Of Storms Lightning Bolt 0:30
  7. 7 Longstockings Lightning Bolt 0:30
  8. 8 Wonderful Rainbow Lightning Bolt 0:30
  9. 9 30,000 Monkies Lightning Bolt 0:30
  10. 10 Duel In The Deep Lightning Bolt 0:30

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