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Wim’s – Driven By Music
Various Artists
Wim’s – Driven By Music
Wenders Music
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August 2019
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A group of admiring co-conspirators threw in together to make him a very special birthday gift, a triple LP record album on time-honored vinyl, full of songs that harbor a deep connection to Wim Wenders, to his life and his work. The album bears the title “WIM’s - DRIVEN BY MUSIC” and is a compilation featuring many of Wim’s musical companions and friends.

This past May the idea arose out of Wim Wenders’ circle of friends and immediate family to give the filmmaker, notorious for his passion for music, a very special gift for his birthday, by presenting him with a record on vinyl produced especially for him. To make this idea a reality, various bands, musicians and artists, friends of Wim’s, who have been involved in his movies, and whose music he appreciates more than anything, were asked whether they would like to contribute one of their songs to this birthday album.

The original plan called for a single LP, but then the number of bands, friends and colleagues who expressed their eagerness to give it a shot soon became much more than a solitary slab of vinyl could contain. So it is that the final record extends across three LPs, featuring a total of 37 tunes. Among these pieces there are some that have already appeared on soundtracks to several Wenders films, though there are also new mixes of songs or entirely new ones here, which can only be heard on the album “WIM’s – DRIVEN BY MUSIC”.

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