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Earth State EP
K15 & SMBD
Earth State EP
Apron Records
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August 2019
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Not since the early days of Detroit and Chicago techno has dancefloor abstraction sounded so other-worldly, almost constituting a brand new genre in and of itself. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves — after all, when producers Kieron Ifill (aka K15) and Simbad Stanislas (aka SMBD), they couldn’t have known that the fruit of their labour, Earth State EP, would prove so essential in either’s storied catalogue. The work speaks as a pitch-perfect synchronisation of vibes, bolstered by an array of analog equipment. As such, K15’s horizontal soul and jazz sensibilities drift alongside and within SMBD’s archaeological penchant for discovering a groove.

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  1. 1 Dry Mango K15 & SMBD 0:41
  2. 2 Thursday K15 & SMBD 2:00
  3. 3 Oceans K15 & SMBD 2:00
  4. 4 Earth State K15 & SMBD 0:56
  5. 5 Syntherlude K15 & SMBD 0:27
  6. 6 Pace & Time K15 & SMBD 2:00
  7. 7 Dry Mango (part 2) K15 & SMBD 2:00

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