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Darling & Lexi
Darling & Lexi
Darling & Lexi
Off Minor Recordings
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July 2019
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How many of us can say we’ve been on an exceptionally fun record at four years old? The Amsterdam-based producer Darling facilitated just that for his daughter, Lexi. The fruit of this father-daughter collaborative effort is remarkably singular: a marvellously colourful mish-mash of innocence and experience, played out as a child’s go-nuts approach to synthesisers and drum machines, with only a dash of techno arrangement from her old man. Billed for fans of early Plaid.

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  1. 1 Mama is Een Poes 1:32 Darling & Lexi Buy
  2. 2 Television Plant 3:55 Darling & Lexi Buy
  3. 3 The Pillow is Alive 4:13 Darling & Lexi Buy
  4. 4 Crocodiles are Birds 3:00 Darling & Lexi Buy
  5. 5 Drumpolluter 4:59 Darling & Lexi Buy
  6. 6 Land on Island Land 4:09 Darling & Lexi Buy

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