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Man Walks The Earth
Ron Morelli
Man Walks The Earth
Collapsing Market
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July 2019
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Something of a left-turn from Ron Morelli here. Morelli is an artist you’ll know best for dealing in scuffed-up techno tools, but on new LP Man Walks The Earth the L.I.E.S. boss leaves the beats behind. This is a record that deals in abstract electronics, murky half-ambiences and lo-fi musique concrete. The deep-sea tones, alien synths and generally submerged vibe of Man Walks The Earth place it alongside artists like Huerco S., Daphne Oram and uon.

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  1. 1 Fear Upon Seeing His Reflection in the Lake 6:46 Ron Morelli Buy
  2. 2 The Search for Others 6:07 Ron Morelli Buy
  3. 3 30 Million Years to Recover 6:02 Ron Morelli Buy
  4. 4 Earth Rotates on its Axis 4:00 Ron Morelli Buy
  5. 5 A Long Walk at Night 6:45 Ron Morelli Buy
  6. 6 Stone Tools 4:23 Ron Morelli
  7. 7 Uninvited Brute 2:29 Ron Morelli
  8. 8 The Sun Beats Stronger as Each Day Passes 3:16 Ron Morelli Buy

Ron Morelli

Collapsing Market

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