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Bochum Welt
Central Processing Unit
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septembre 2019
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It’s safe to say that Bochum Welt (Gianluigi Di Costanzo) and Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit imprint are a good fit for each other. Di Constanzo grew up on the Steel City sound of The Human League, Cabaret Voltaire et al, while Bochum Welt’s early Rephlex Records releases have had a big influence on the sound of CPU’s output. Seafire, then, comes from a place of mutual admiration, and this makes for a warm and welcoming LP largely comprised of synthetic ambiences. A few of the tracks pick up the pace - ‘THR (Dance Mix)’, ‘Melodie d’Aout (Extended)’ and ‘Mavic 1’ are all Italo-flecked electro primed for the dancefloor - but largely Seafire is an album to lose yourself in.

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Numérique Liste des pistes

  1. 1 Color Me (Extended) 2:58 Bochum Welt Acheter
  2. 2 At Dawn 1:15 Bochum Welt Acheter
  3. 3 Southern England in Summer 2:08 Bochum Welt Acheter
  4. 4 Canyon Drive 3:08 Bochum Welt Acheter
  5. 5 THR (Dance Mix) 2:50 Bochum Welt Acheter
  6. 6 N Hayworth Ave 3:31 Bochum Welt Acheter
  7. 7 Color Me (Mix 2) 2:41 Bochum Welt Acheter
  8. 8 Sentimental 1:58 Bochum Welt Acheter
  9. 9 Melodie d'Aout (Extended) 3:45 Bochum Welt Acheter
  10. 10 Mavic 1 2:07 Bochum Welt Acheter
  11. 11 More Light 3:50 Bochum Welt Acheter

Bochum Welt

Central Processing Unit

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