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Recorded and subsequently shelved in 1973, revived here by the ever-reliable Habibi Funk, Al Hadaoui is the lost debut by Attarazat Addahabia & Faradjallah, an ensemble spanning three generations of Casablancan gnawa musicians. Their flame burned brief but bright, as they gained notoriety for epic 12-hour shows — if and when they played at all — and electrified renditions of Moroccan Islamic spirituals and religious music. Expect trebly rock guitars, funk-informed percussion and a whole lot of group chanting.

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  1. 1 Al Hadaoui 2:00 Al Hadaoui
  2. 2 Albaki 2:00 Al Hadaoui
  3. 3 Moulate Salef 2:00 Al Hadaoui
  4. 4 Taali 2:00 Al Hadaoui
  5. 5 Aflana 2:00 Al Hadaoui
  6. 6 Chama'a 2:00 Al Hadaoui
  7. 7 Laddaba 2:00 Al Hadaoui

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