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Unknown Artist
TOPP 009
Music For The Other People Place
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August 23, 2019


Just as they did in 2017 and 2018, Fundamental Records spoil us by issuing a trio of new installments in their Music For The Other People Place all at the same time. Once again artist names are withheld, and as usual the music of these releases pays tribute to the late, great Drexciya mastermind James Stinson.

Six artists are involved in the creation of the Music For The Other People Place records, but you wouldn’t know it from looking over their tracklistings. Like the first half-dozen releases, TOPP007, 008 and 009 all come with artist names and track titles removed. This anonymisation is all part of the Music For The Other People Place plan - no preconceptions and no expectations beyond some Stinson-inspired electro-mania (by the way, if you want some further reading then it’s worth heading to and checking out the project’s manifesto).

The full scope of the Drexciyan sound is taken in by these records. There are, of course, plenty of machine-gun bass tunes and futurist 808 bangers, but many moments across the Music For The Other People Place releases recall the more abstract and/or prettier elements of Stinson and Gerald Donald’s output. Influences from electro-funk, ambient music, 90’s electronica and more can all be found at points throughout the series - TOPP007 is particularly varied.

Music For The Other People Place keep it Drexciyan on their latest set of releases.

  1. 1 01 1:07
  2. 2 02 1:44
  3. 3 03 1:44
  4. 4 04 1:45
  5. 5 05 1:45
  6. 6 06 1:42

Unknown Artist

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