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The fifth instalment in the classic Devil May Cry video game series sticks to its guns, divvying its time between rapid action gameplay, suitably goth/emo setting and, all told, its share of goofiness. The game’s soundtrack follows suit. Composed by a cohort of seasoned veterans with Marvel and Capcom properties under their belts, the original soundtrack of Devil May Cry 5 features a slew of dark ambient eeriness and, naturally, exceptionally bombastic nu-metal and metalcore.

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  1. 1 Crimson Cloud 2:00 Various Artists
  2. 2 Devil Trigger 2:00 Various Artists
  3. 3 Subhuman 2:00 Various Artists
  4. 4 Blazing Muscle 0:50 Various Artists
  5. 5 Devil May Cry 5 Titlescreen 2:00 Various Artists
  6. 6 Lunatic Ray 2:00 Various Artists
  7. 7 Unbearable Pressure 2:00 Various Artists
  8. 8 Splitting Fool 2:00 Various Artists
  9. 9 Unavoidable Despair 2:00 Various Artists
  10. 10 Abyssal Time 1:06 Various Artists
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