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Cassava Pone
Jeen Bassa
Cassava Pone
22a Music
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August 2019

Following up his past successes on 22a, London’s most underrated producer Jeen Bassa returns with a class act in beat tape-flavoured chill-out. Bassa stunts and blunts his way through 18 distinct beats, exercising his uncanny ability to surprise, just like Dilla and Madlib before him. One moment he’s casting bossa nova vibes on the title track, the next he’s flexing luscious funk on ‘How I Do It’. More than anything, right from opener ‘Microphone Hunt’, Cassava Pone sees Bassa sifting through noise with a crate digger’s passion, discovering the beat in the most unexpected places and fashioning lo-fi hip hop treasures.

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  1. 1 Microphone Hunt (Jeen Trio) Jeen Bassa 2:00
  2. 2 Crunked Funk (feat Mo Kolours) Jeen Bassa 1:06
  3. 3 Blunt Talking Jeen Bassa 0:27
  4. 4 Everyday (feat Reginald Omas & James Creole) Jeen Bassa 1:23
  5. 5 Play This Game (Money) Jeen Bassa 0:56
  6. 6 Cassava Pone Jeen Bassa 1:12
  7. 7 We Can Change Now (feat Reginald Omas) Jeen Bassa 2:00
  8. 8 The Thing (To Do) Jeen Bassa 0:50
  9. 9 How I Do It Jeen Bassa 2:00
  10. 10 Roots Now (feat Al Dobson Jr) Jeen Bassa 1:06
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Jeen Bassa

22a Music

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