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New Age Box Set 1982-84
Suzanne Doucet
New Age Box Set 1982-84
Dark Entries Records
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September 2019
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Born out of unrelenting need to introduced the world to the work of new age pioneer Suzanne Doucet, Dark Entries Records reissue her vital series of cassette only albums from 1982 - 84. New Age Box Set 1982-84 collects her recordings directly following the establishment of her Isis record label in West Germany, and includes her seminal ambient works with Cristian Bühner (as New Age), as well as her essential, two volume Reflecting Light series.

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  1. 1 Attunement (LP1: Transformation) 1:12 Suzanne Doucet
  2. 2 The Neverending Path 2:00 Suzanne Doucet
  3. 3 Transformation 2:00 Suzanne Doucet
  4. 4 Drop Out 2:00 Suzanne Doucet
  5. 5 Cosmic Consciousness 2:00 Suzanne Doucet
  6. 6 Love 2:00 Suzanne Doucet
  7. 7 Good Friday (LP2: Transmission) 2:00 Suzanne Doucet
  8. 8 Shiva's Dance 2:00 Suzanne Doucet
  9. 9 Moonlight 2:00 Suzanne Doucet
  10. 10 Transmission 2:00 Suzanne Doucet
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