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  • Cassette

    • + MP3
    • Limited to 50 copies
    • Black Sludge Shell
    • Handmade 'n' Handnumbered Mini-Zine (5x4") (Poetry and Photography by B.Rupp, Design by Burnie Leader)
    • Printed on Luxurious Library Paper
    • Dubplate Dan's Download Guarantee™

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Bristol-based multi-media artist B. Rupp mocks up a stark negative of urban space with their debut album, out on enigmatic label Stay Awake!. The dystopian landscapes of B. Rupp is deeply felt, drenched in tape hiss yet crystal clear; twisted metal, rising sewage, not a soul to be seen. As if the gloom wasn’t evocative enough, the release is accompanied by a zine of journal scans and poetry.

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  1. 1 Flowers 4:32 B. Rupp Buy
  2. 2 A Walk In Mother's Garden 4:20 B. Rupp Buy
  3. 3 Still Not Abstract 7:07 B. Rupp Buy
  4. 4 Watching Control 4:04 B. Rupp Buy
  5. 5 Bad Dreams of Falling 1:49 B. Rupp Buy
  6. 6 Passion Pit 3:22 B. Rupp Buy
  7. 7 Running Separating 2:46 B. Rupp Buy
  8. 8 Movement 2:55 B. Rupp Buy
  9. 9 Again I'm Guessing 3:58 B. Rupp Buy
  10. 10 Running Noise (version) 3:16 B. Rupp Buy
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