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After almost a decade of ardent dancehall collaborations under the Equiknoxx name, Jamaican crew Gavin “Gavsborg” Blair, Nick “Bobby Blackbird” Deane, Kemikal Splash, Shanique Marie and Time Cow finally announce their first release as a collective, having never appeared as a full line up on record before. Eternal Children is reflective of a combined effort, synchronising a widened palette of sound — hip-hop and pop among them — into the binding force of eardrum-shattering dancehall. While the genre’s global reach has generated any number of chart-topping hits aping riddim and ragga bombast, Equiknoxx outdo the standard with the vocal prowess of Shanique Marie. What’s more, a healthy dose of experimentation ensures plenty of surprises throughout Eternal Children.

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  1. 1 Solomon is a Cup 3:36 Equiknoxx Buy
  2. 2 Brooklyn 5:05 Equiknoxx Buy
  3. 3 Corner 4:10 Equiknoxx Buy
  4. 4 Manchester 4:20 Equiknoxx Buy
  5. 5 Good Sandra 3:25 Equiknoxx Buy
  6. 6 Move Along 4:50 Equiknoxx Buy
  7. 7 Grave 3:59 Equiknoxx Buy
  8. 8 Rescue Me 4:56 Equiknoxx Buy


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