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Various Artists
Spectra Ex Machina: A Sound Anthology of Occult Phenomena 1920-2017 Vol.1
Sub Rosa
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July 5, 2019


Sub Rosa display an array of assorted auditory curios with the inaugural volume of their Spectra Ex Machina series, devised to profile the weird and the eerie from nearly a century of archival recordings. Recordings range from any number events from the unexplained to the improbable — parapsychological ephemera, the murmuring walls of haunted houses, spirit mediums. This anthology uncovers a deep heritage of occult and supernatural fascination, for believers and non-believers alike.

  1. 1 Arthur Conan Doyle On Spiritualism 0:47
  2. 2 Gladys Osborne Leonard & The Spirit Of Feda, In Presence Of Reverend WS Irving & T Besterman 0:34
  3. 3 Rudi Schneider's Trance 0:29
  4. 4 Harry Houdini's Final Seance 1:13
  5. 5 Ivy Carte Beaumont aka Rosemay: The Speech Of Ancient Egypt, Eighteen Dynasty 1:03
  6. 6 Einer Nielson & The Spectral Voices Of Astrid & Bischof Liljeblad 0:39
  7. 7 Leslie Flint & The Voice Of Oscar Wilde 1:03
  8. 8 A Spiritualism Senace Broadcast On The Radio 2:00
  9. 9 The Rosenheim Case 2:00

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