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Sunny Side Up
Various Artists
Sunny Side Up
Brownswood Recordings
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juillet 2019
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With Sunny Side Up, Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label attempts to do for Melbourne what We Out Here did for London. Both cities have equally exciting things happening in their jazz scenes at the moment - new groups are forming all the time, the level of individual ability is extremely high, and genre barriers are broken down with carefree abandon. Just as We Out Here put a pin in what was happening around venues like Dalston’s Total Refreshment Centre, Sunny Side Up does something similar with the sound of Melbourne’s north side.

The tracks here were recorded at The Grove, a house and studio in Melbourne that has Nick Herrera, Hiatus Koyote and Silentjay in its orbit. A huge array of musicians appear across Sunny Side Up, and the wide pool of talent makes for some dynamic musical fusion. Synthetic ambience, new age, and spiritual jazz are all touched on during the course of opener ‘Banksia’ alone. The record kicks on from there, taking in squelchy funk-rock (‘Pick Up/Galaxy’), psychedelic neo-soul (‘There Is No Time’), fusion-funk freakouts (‘Nice To See You’) and plenty more. You can feel the energy of the various players bouncing off each other here, and there is also a strong sense of camaraderie to Sunny Side Up.

Sunny Side Up might be to 2019 what We Out Here was to 2018 - a compilation from Brownswood that becomes the release which defines a scene.

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  1. 1 Banksia 6:30 Phil Stroud, Horatio Luna, Jack Doepel, Ziggy Zeitgeist, Matthew Hatch, Cameron Parkin, Jimmy Bowman, Alejandro 'Silentjay' Abapo Acheter
  2. 2 Pick Up / Galaxy 6:27 Dufresne, Jimmy Bowman, Alejandro 'Silentjay' Abapo, Samuel Kuzich, Yannick Rosette, Ike Ruckman, Chris Vizard, Matthew Lloyd, Elle Shimada, Luis Poblete Acheter
  3. 3 There Is No Time 6:24 Kuzich, Phil Stroud, Cameron Parkin, Jimmy Bowman, Alejandro 'Silentjay' Abapo, Samuel Kuzich, Ike Ruckman, Matthew Lloyd Acheter
  4. 4 Bleeding Hearts 6:29 Audrey Powne, Tim Curnick, Myka Wallace, James Bowers Acheter
  5. 5 Powers 2 (The People) 6:03 Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, Ziggy Zeitgeist, Matt Hayes, Lewis Moody, Erica Tucceri Acheter
  6. 6 Nice to See You 3:41 Laneous, Nick Martyn, Donny Stewart Acheter
  7. 7 Eternal / Internal Peace 8:53 Silentjay, Jimmy Bowman, Alejandro 'Silentjay' Abapo, Luis Poblete, Perrin Moss, Simon Mavin, Paul Bender, Kumar Shome Acheter
  8. 8 The Wake-Up 7:33 Horatio Luna, Phil Stroud, Ikey Acheter
  9. 9 Orbit 6:58 Allysha Joy, Elle Shimada, Henry Hicks, Josh Kelly, Ha Na, Rara Zulu, Danika Smith, Abbey Howlett Acheter

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